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Clawing Back From The ’90s

7 Mar 2018
Celebrity hairstylist Andrea Claire shows us how to recreate these '90s inspired runway styles.

As the saying goes, everything that’s old is new again. At the recent New York Fashion Week Fall 2018 runway shows, designers like Alexander Wang and Prabal Gurung brought back an old friend – cue the claw clip and stretch combs that were everything in the ‘90s. Suddenly, our questionable pre-teen taste is seemingly cool again.

Celebrity hairstylist Andrea Claire shows us how to recreate these ‘90s-inspired runway styles from the comfort of your own home.

For The Alexander Wang Clawed-Up Look:

Alexander Wang FW 2018

What You Need?

The best hair length for this look is one that’s long enough to be able to put into a ponytail. You will also need a hair elastic, a medium to strong-hold sculpting gel or pomade (resistant or stubborn hair requires a firmer hold), a paddle hair brush, soft bristle toothbrush and a large claw clip, of course!

How To Do It?

Begin by slicking dry hair back (pulling up wet hair can cause breakage) with a small amount of Illes Formula Finishing Serum and Keune Ultra Forte Gel. But take note that the look demonstrates two different textures, so be careful not to carry your gel mixture right through to the ends. Secure your hair into a low ponytail at your occipital bone. [Editor’s Note: this is the area just slightly above the nape of your neck]

Alexander Wang FW 2018 Backstage Hair

Starting from the base, twist ponytail into a tight updo against the back of your head.  Then fold the ponytail back down and secure with a large claw clip, letting out a few loose ends at the bottom.

Expert Tip

Taking a soft bristle toothbrush (I use a brush for grooming horses that I love) and your gel, go over your hairline to catch any baby hairs that resist being slick.

For The Prabal Gurung Stretch-Comb Look:

What You Need

Hair length that you can trick into a Figure 8 bun (this is how it’s done in the Gurung show) or at least a knot form. You will also need a stretch comb, a hair elastic, a medium-hold gel, some bobbi pins, pomade, a paddle hair brush and a toothbrush.

How To Do It 

Begin with blow drying your hair with some Keune Mousse and a paddle brush. I recommend the Dyson Supersonic or the BaByliss Pro at medium airflow and medium heat, directing away from the face. Once dry, add a blast of cool air in the same direction with your blow dryer to help set and promote shine. Start slicking your hair back using just your fingers and Keune Shaping Fibres – a little goes a long way here as we aren’t after an overly sleek wet look. Then secure a ponytail just below your crown.

Prabal Gurung FW 2018 Backstage Hair

Place stretch comb around your neck with the teeth facing you, and slide up into your hair until it secures. Some of your hair past that comb may shift with texture, that adds to the look, leave it. Bask in your ‘90s glory in the mirror for a few seconds before going back to your ponytail and securing into a Figure 8 bun, pinning along the edges. For extremely heavy hair, secure with 2 Bobbi pins in an X shape to lock the hair in place.

Overall it should look effortless like it took you 5 minutes.

Expert Tip

After your hair is done, take your hairdryer with the diffuser attachment, no heat and just medium airflow, set the hair in place with diffused airflow while spraying with a firm hold hairspray, like Original & Mineral Queenie.

’90s Mix Tape

The decade of anti-fashion was all about lists – remember all those Now That’s What I Call Music compilations? We thought you need some sick ‘90s tunes to listen to as you’re sweeping your hair into that claw clip, so we made you a mixtape. Yep, you can thank us later.

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