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What To Eat When You Mask

13 Mar 2018
The definitive guide on what to munch on while your face is marinating.

I know you know that feeling. That heart-sinking, gut-wrenching feeling. You’ve just carefully applied a face mask and wormed your way under the covers. You settle in, hit play on your current Netflix binge-watching show of choice. You draw all your favourite snacks close as though there might be no tomorrow and if you have to go down, you might as well go down hugging your bag of crisps close. You’re all ready for the ultimate night of self-care and me-time.

But slowly you realize that your mask is drying and you can’t actually move your face for fear of the whole thing cracking. Suddenly, it’s as if your bag of crisps becomes dead weight in your limp, dejected arms as you look at it sadly, realizing that there’s no way you’re going to be living your best life stuffing your face while it gets more radiant by the second. That was the dream, right?

We get it. We all dream the same big dream – which is why we’ve gone ahead and tested the best snacks for each type of face mask so you can skip right to the good stuff.

Clay Masks

Ah, the classic offender. When reading the paragraphs above, you probably harboured a few resentful thoughts towards a certain jar or a tube lurking in the corner of your bathroom shelf.

Most clay masks, like the Glamglow Supermud® Clearing Treatment, go on gloopy. As they dry, they start to contract and you feel your face getting tighter. Eventually, you get to the stage where you feel like your whole face could crack at the slightest twitch of a muscle.

Obviously, solid food here is not the answer. Because the mask takes time to dry, you also want something best enjoyed slowly. Here’s why we’re proposing a complex red wine as the perfect companion to your clay mask.

We like the Burson by Tenuta Uccellina. Savour this full-bodied wine’s many facets with each sip while your mask dries, while its oaky aroma blends with the earthy scent of your clay mask.

mask pairings

Exfoliating Masks

An exfoliating mask is essential in the pursuit of luminous skin. Sloughing off dead skin cells encourages cell turnover, leaving your face smoother and more radiant.

Exfoliating masks either have physical or chemical exfoliators. Either way, among all the different types of masks, exfoliating masks like the Aurelia Refine & Polish Miracle Balm or Peter Thomas Roth’s Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, probably have the most instantly noticeable effect. Sounds great, except that they can sometimes cause a tingly sensation, especially if you have sensitive skin.

To distract from the tingling, get yourself a snack with some crunch. Here’s where the aforementioned bag of crisps come in handy (we’re partial to Kettle Chips Salt & Fresh Ground Pepper or if you’re after one of a hotter variety the Great British Sauce Co. Habanero Chilli is ace). As you munch away, you’ll forget that you even have the mask on and in 10-15 minutes you’ll be faced with your glowiest skin ever.

What To Eat When You Mask

Hydrating Masks

If you’re reading this with big plans of doing the full degustation and going through all these pairings in a single sitting, hats off to you. Look at you living your truth. But also, rejoice! The hydrating mask step is your equivalent of the plat principal. After nibbling politely and patiently, here is your chance to go great guns and beast it out.

Most hydrating masks, like the Biologique Recherche Masque VIP O2, go on creamy and don’t dry completely. The result is full range of facial movement so go on, go crazy, live dangerously. Order a pizza for one, dive into a bucket of fried chicken (just maybe not face first – batter crumbs in your Biologique Recherche is not a good look), eat the whole pint of ice cream without so much as a backward glance. The world’s your oyster, go forth and conquer.

What To Eat When You Mask

Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are a fiddly business. First, you tear open the sachet and try not to spill any of the good stuff your mask comes soaked in. Then comes the tricky part of unfolding it gently without ripping it, before adjusting it perfectly to fit your face. After all that painstaking work, you want to avoid any sudden movements so once again, you find yourself back in limited facial movement territory.

However, we all love a sheet mask like the Leaders Insolution Vital Cell Skin Seed Mask, because, aside from being fodder for a #maskselfie, it’s a refreshing pick-me-up. Pro tip: Keep your sheet mask stash in the fridge so it feels ice-cold on application – great for those hot summer nights.

What To Eat When You Mask

Want an extra kick? What better then, than a chilled glass of bubbly? Join us in our final toast with a glass of Il Cortigiano Prosecco Extra Dry.

So there you have it: tonight’s menu du jour cooked up just for you. Now, go live your best damn life.

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